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Planning Expert

“Normal, average and ordinary are not a part of my vocabulary. I am an artist after all!” 
― Paul S. Lynch


We are Event Producers, after all that is what we do for you.  We take your ideas, pull in all aspects for your concept to come together in a special moment for you.  Either your a business client or planning your wedding the following services are included when you choose us to be your event manager.   


Budget Creation and Management

Pass this to us!

As your event management company we will create and manage your budget.  Provide us with a starting point and we will provide you with items to fit it. Often times you will be surprised how much you can have with the amount you have available, but you never know unless you ask.

Food and Beverage Planning

Delicious and Stunning

Ever have a party or client event, and thought that a taco truck went well with your brie platter and martinis...well now is the time to let a trained professional handle your event menus. Our Food and Beverage Director has experience to create menus based on your budget and palate.

Seasoning Steak
Go Team

On-Site Event Management

Perfectly Planned

Why hire an event management company?  Because you want to enjoy your special occasion!  This service is often overlooked and the underlying goal why you hire us, so we can execute your event perfectly.  All you have to do is gives us what you want and we will see it through.

Site Selection

Stunning and Memorable

The most important part of an event is location, location, and location. There are many aspects in site selection that we can provide assistance in, let us narrow the search so your are making a decision best for your event.

Untitled design (7)_edited.png

Props and Decor

Professional and Custom

We care about your props and decor for your event.  We source out professionals for your needs to create the best possible look on your special day.

Vendor Negotiation

Stress-Free for you!

Photographer, videographer, furniture renter, bartender, this list of everyone who is involved in an event can go on. Our services help to source and coordinate all your vendors, while keeping everything within your budget.

Black Puzzle Pieces
Wedding Band Stage

Entertainment Booking

Bravo! Bravo!

Are you looking for a singer, actor, comedian, balloon artist, DJ, Karaoke DJ, MC, or motivation speaker, which every type of entertainment you need for your event we can assist in sourcing and contracting for your special occasion.

Marketing Materials,  Promotional Products, or Gifts

Memorable to your Guests

This is known as swag bags, gift bags given to your guests or clients that attend your event. Provide custom made bags, with your own logos or give items that you know your guests will enjoy.

Shopping Bags

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