• Samira Bouakka

Teacher becomes a Producer!

Over the past 20 years, I have enjoyed planning and executing events. I have worked on many types of events including, seminars, workshops, business parties, birthday parties, prom, graduation, memorial services, and of course weddings. Now when it comes to my past experience in event planning it has always been on a volunteer bases....such as, "sure I can put together a panel of authors to discuss apocalyptic dysphoria in current films."

Today I leap and become an event consultant. I like to call myself an Event Producer because when it comes to planning, there are many different strategic aspects to consider that my years of experience shine like a diamond. In my career as a professional educator, my expertise includes the following skills: effective communication, strong interpersonal, complex problem solving, critical thinking, strategic design, coordinating, management, and judgment and decision making. The mastery of these skills is the heart of an event consultant and where I begin the journey in my next phase of entrepreneurship.

Join me and see how dreams become a reality through my productions!

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