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Daily Inspiration - The Dino in Epic Proportions

Today's daily inspiration comes from, dear I say….the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Now I know I am not the only fan of dinosaurs, a matter of fact today’s research ran across the dinosaurs theme not being exclusive to children parties, but weddings too.

Source: Adam Biesenthal Photography via Buzzfeed

When you are going for a dinosaur theme, there is a ton of information out there to consider. The critical aspect at the top of the to-do list will be to answer this question, “what representation of dinosaurs will be my focal point?” there are a plethora of different representations of discourses out there, from ultra scary “roar” to the “hug me,big-eyed" types.

Here are a few that I found to inspire my vision today. You can see which one I favored at the end. The Jurassic franchise has some reasonably good representation of what these giant creatures look like and in its merchandising includes a ton of scientific facts.

Jurassic World - Where Dinosaurs Come to Life Hardcover – 14 May 2015 by Caroline Rowlands

There is also Disney’s 2015 The Good Dinosaur “cute and cuddly” and 2000 Dinosaur “not so scary realistic.”

Of course, you have your “generic” dinosaurs representation. These are not attached to any one particular franchise but look like the ones you use to play with on the playground.

Finally, can’t forget Universal Picture’s, Land Before Time franchise and Barney from PBS.

Now, this is not the end all of the dinosaur representations but once you narrow it down to the “realistic” or “cute and cuddly” dino type the rest of your dinosaurs themed event will flourish.

What do you think of the ideas in this party theme, suited for tweens and up. Everyone loves bounce houses but how neat is it to have an actual dinosaur and paleontologist show up; and of course lots of rustic, woodsy decor along with epic proportions of food.

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